Quality approach

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Quality approach

The culture quality at JAY ELECTRONIQUE, established for several decades, ended naturally in a first certification ISO9001 from 1996 and renewed since then, successfully

It is deliberately directed to the expectations of our customers whether it is:

  • by the reliability and the respect for the delivery deadline of the new products
  • by a modular and customizable offer of electric remote control, according to the application and its environment
  • by the relevance and the efficiency of the proposed service offers (remote and on-site technical support, training, diagnosis of breakdown and repair)



( Extracted from JAY Electronique's quality handbook)
" To support this approach of progress, to adapt us permanently to the needs to serve and to answer our own objectives of productivity and profitability we resolutely turned to a politics of total quality.

This permanent concern of the quality allows us to bring an answer intelligent and measured in our concern of efficiency and improvement.
The commitment of the entire staff in this approach is effective, and represents its best pledge of success. It insures the efficiency of our efforts and their regular continuation towards our essential objectives:

  • To satisfy at best needs and expectations of our customers, improve our internal efficiency and favor the professional self-fulfillment of every employee,
  • Profitable being, and to assure so the development of the company and its sustainability,
  • to answer in a satisfactory way the requirements of the normative reference tables IN ISO9001 and EN13980, as well as the directive 94 / 9 / CE.

I make a commitment to give all the organizational, material and human means, including the training, necessary for the achievement of these objectives as well as for the satisfaction and for the improvement of the capacities of the system quality describes in our quality handbook. "

Since 2007, JAY ELECTRONIQUE obtained the certification of his system of quality assurance for the usable development, the manufacturing and the sale of products in potentially explosive atmosphere.