Bidirectional radio remote control Beta

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Bidirectional radio remote control

bidirectional radio remote control

Bidirectional radio remote control

Compact, easy to handle, flexible operator module for bidirectional radio remote control
2 or 6 functions buttons + 2 navigation buttons
+ start/validation + stop
3 different buttons types available
Screen for parameters setting, selection, validation, look-up
IP65 tightness transmitter
Integrated or Plug-in rechargeable battery
Charger support  for the complete transmitter or the battery alone
Safety stop PL e EN13849 and SIL 3 EN61508
Customizable bidirectional radio remote control link
11 frequencies in 418-419 MHz
64 frequencies in 433-434 MHz
12 frequencies in 869 MHz
64 frequencies in 911-918 MHz
Many options