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We integrate into our industrial radio remote controls major elements which make their originality.



Very special care is taken in the design and ergonomics of our transmitters to ensure rugged products providing maximum comfort in use day after day.
Our remote control buttons provide optimum touch sensitivity and are sized to allow the operator to easily use the industrial radio remote control even when wearing gloves.
The buttons are laid out to prevent the operator from mistakenly pressing two buttons at the same time.


By the modular architecture of our systems, maintenance is facilitated to allow reduced-cost repairs.
To ensure fast diagnostics and preventive maintenance, fault isolation is achieved easily and efficiently by an indication on the display or by connecting to a PC computer on which maintenance software has been installed.
The simple, secure match-up between the operator module and the transceiver makes it easy and fast to replace one of the two components in the event of a failure.

iDialog software presentation :


Designed to work under the toughest conditions, our products are built and sized to be extra-rugged. Specially designed seals and protective foams ensure the highest level of strength and tightness.

Product Overview


As a standard feature on our new generations, the backlit, anti-reflection, shock-proof, scratch-proof screen displays :
> the battery charge level
> the behaviour of the radio link
> the name of the equipment remote-controlled
> feedback from the equipment controlled and operating alarms (weight of load, overload, limit switches)
> fault diagnostics.
Sophisticated, intuitive and guided navigation with menus allowing you to :
> configure the application
> integrate a large number of functions
> monitor a specific part of the equipment.
Each product comes with a software to allow you to customize the display, logos and pictograms which appear on the screen.


Depending on the needs of your applications, we can offer our products as solutions with integrated special functions: synchronized control of equipment (master/master, master/slave, tandem, pitch & catch, pick & control), infrared function (validation at start-up, limitation of the operating area, association), Premium radio function (automatic frequency change, automatic power control), dead man function (manual detection of operator activity, automatic detection of operator inactivity), automatic tilt detection, alarm (visual, vibrating, buzzer), multimodal use, command filtering and anti-strumming, logic equations for functions/inputs/outputs, interlock of functions.

Product videos with special functions:


Safety is at the heart of our concept. Our products incorporate various levels of safety, and our new generations are certified “SIL 3” per EN 61508 and “PL e” per EN 13849 representing the highest level of safety.
Different options are available to enhance the safety of those applications requiring it (infrared startup, action zone limitation, validation buttons, use in ATEX area, function buttons SIL2 according to EN61508 and PL d according to EN13849).
Access to the radio remote control and certain functions can be limited to authorized operators by password (PIN codes), or an electronic key.