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Explosion proof Transceiver for
ATEX IECEx radio control

Explosion proof Transceiver for ATEX IECEx radio control
Modular, multifunction

This explosion proof Transceiver for radio control is designed for use in zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 explosible atmospheres.
Explosion proof housing
3 Ex classified cable glands
3 slots which can accommodate different types of card:
- Board with 12 On/Off relays
- Board with 6 analog outputs + 1 bypass output
- Board with 12 logic inputs + 2 analog inputs
- BUS CANopen board
1 interface RS485 Modbus RTU en série
Tightness IP66
Internal unique SIM card that contains all parameters linked with the application
Product configuration with software and USB connector (to be performed outside ATEX zone)
Safety stop PL e EN13849 and SIL 3 EN61508
Customizable bidirectional radio remote control link
11 frequencies in 418-419 MHz
64 frequencies in 433-434 MHz
12 frequencies in 869 MHz
64 frequencies in 911-918 MHz

Several options available for this radio control explosion proof Transceiver:
- Connection interface unit ATEX
- External antenna Kit with intrinsic safety barrier for standard Transceiver integration in another Explosion proof housing